Universal Sphere Scientific Evidence


The following are indicative results from a single Universal Sphere® session done at a distance.


  • The “Practitioner” is fully trained and performing the Universal Sphere while located in Portland Oregon, USA.
  • The “Client” receiving the Universal Sphere is located in Queensland, Australia.
  • The Client is a professional Chiropractor who is also a trained advanced operator of the GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera
  • Both the Practitioner and Client are in telephone communication immediately prior to and after the Universal Sphere session.

Chakra Balancing

This example shows how imbalances in your chakra system are almost perfectly balanced and realigned after receiving the Universal Sphere.
The Client took a measurement prior to her Universal Sphere session on her GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera in her Chiropractic Office. Here are the “before” results.
Chakras before
As you can see here in the before image there are significant imbalances in the Client’s Chakras, specifically the Vishuddha, or Throat Chakra, and the Muladhara, or Root Chakra.
The Client then laid down on an adjustment table for 15 minutes and received the distance Universal Sphere. Once the Universal Sphere was complete the Practitioner called her, she got up and immediately took another measurement on the GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera.
Chakras after

After receiving the Universal Sphere the Client had all of her chakras well within the green band, representing an excellent state of energetic balance. Most people report a deep, connected, relaxed feeling all through the Universal Sphere session. The balancing of your energetic system has both health and emotional benefits long after your Universal Sphere session.

Balancing of your Kirlian field

In the same Universal Sphere session as described above, here is the image of the Client’s Energy Field before receiving the Universal Sphere.
     FRONT                                                  SIDE
   US Energy Field Front BeforeUS Energy Field Side Before
In an ideal case, the blue-purple emanating field would have no gaps and would appear very uniform. As you can see on the images above, the client has a void in her field to the right side of her head (visually on the left) and in front of her throat region. There is also significant spiking of her field down her right side and back.

Now after receiving the Universal Sphere…
     FRONT                                                  SIDE
   US Energy Field Front AfterUS Energy Field Side After
You can see both the right side (visually on the left) of her head and her throat area are nearly perfectly filled in, and her field has 4% better symmetry and 30% more field strength (emission volume) from the side, and 19% more field strength (emission volume) from the front, after receiving the Universal Sphere. Again, this again shows a better state of health based on the results of the GDV-EPC Kirlian Pro camera.

Illness can appear in the energy field weeks, and even months, before it appears in the body. In other words, the energy field is a cosmic blueprint. Now for the first time ever – we can scientifically assess the field with the Gas Discharge Visualization Kirlian camera.

Physicist Dr. William Tiller states that the thoughts one creates generate patterns at the mind level of nature. Illness eventually becomes manifest from the altered mind patterns through the ratchet effect – first to the etheric level, then to the physical level, as disease. Many of us unconsciously image illness much before it manifests in the physical. Tiller believes that
disease recurs because only the physical level is treated. If the energy field is treated as well, there would be lasting cures.

Body Organ Health

In the image below the red line represents the measurement before receiving the Universal Sphere, and the blue line represents the measurement after receiving the Universal Sphere.
US test results organs
Here you can see numerous organs, specifically on the right side image, in the “Underactive” zone (the peach color towards the center). Then, after the receiving the Universal Sphere, on both the left and right side images the Blue lines are all within the green acceptable region.

What is GDV-EPC Kirlian Camera?

The GDV was developed by Prof. Konstantin Korotkov at St Petersburg Technical University in 1996. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is internationally renowned for his research on the human biofield, author, leading scientist and Professor of Physics at St.Petersburg University. The Gas Discharge Visualization Kirlian bio-electrography or GDV Kirlian uses cutting-edge camera technology to let the invisible electromagnetic energy field or “aura” that surrounds everything from humans to inanimate objects be seen.

One of the most significant applications of the GDV technique today is assisting health professionals in quick and accurate assessment of the human condition and in comparing effectiveness of various therapies.

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